CRAVE FOR DAWNING “Red Dawn” (2019)


If there’s one person who’ll never run out of ideas it’s got to be Achim Schreiner (Woodlark, Blood Red Soul). In 2019 he already released albums with melodic/symphonic metal band Blood Red Soul and the power metal band Woodlark. One of his side projects is called CRAVE FOR DAWNING. Musically it ventures out into the funeral metal kind of vein with melancholic doom metal influences. Reminiscing of band like WHEN NOTHING REMAINS or DRACONIAN, CRAVE FOR DAWNING is an interesting new take on this.
The album features 15 songs which are a mix of instrumentals but also songs with female vocals as well as songs with male vocals, both clean and grunts.
The ambient overall feel of the album is omnipresent and it is a perfect background for closing your eyes and let your mind keep wandering off.
“Remedy” is a beautiful ballad with Judit, a vocalist from Hungary, on vocals who instantly remind you of names like Langhans or Stanbridge. But also Achim himself does do some singing in songs like “Burn Me Alive” (grunts), “Flames To The Fire” (clean), “Across The Borderline” (clean) and “Sanctuary” (spoken). The guitar work is immaculate, unsurprisingly. Playing most or all of the instruments himself, Achim must have put a tremendous amount of work in it. It’s one of the things that I kept on thinking while listening to these amazing soundscapes. The production though is not exactly on par with his other recent releases though. Both, the Woodlark and the Blood Red Soul album do have a better sound in my opinion. But that being said, in this genre the production is not as relevant as it certainly is on most other rock and metal genres. A lot of the doom/melancholic metal productions don’t shine with high-end productions though.
However, it is what it is and this not bad at all. Especially as it marks to be the first time Achim Schreiner was branching out into that sort of style at all.
My favorite definitely is the gigantic 15-minute title track “Red Dawn” which contains more ideas than others have on entire albums.
If you want to see a very different side of Achim Schreiner you should give this one a try!


CRAVE FOR DAWNING – Red Dawn (DK Records)