TIMESHOCK “Darker Than Blue” & “Sonic Metal” (2020)


Some people have a creative output that is sufficient for several bands plus solo work. Achim Schreiner aka Rainbow Walker from Germany is certainly one of them. He is the mastermind behind bands like WOODLARK, BLOOD RED SOUL, CRAVE FOR DAWNING, SANCTUARY OF STARS and other projects. As if all of this wouldn’t be enough he also releases solo albums. The latest brainchild of this workaholic goes under the name TIMESHOCK.
Under this moniker he releases music that obviously doesn’t fit to the styles of his other bands and are largely metal instrumental pieces.
Recorded at different places and different times, the production quality varies as well as the metal sub-genres. You’ll find anything from progressive metal to classic metal sounds and all in between. Schreiner plays all instruments himself (except for drums) and he does that in a flawless way that reflects a lot of experience from all those years.
The riffs and licks are great and with a lot of variety, effortlessly alternating between modern almost Djent-like riffs and vintage heavy metal licks.
You can hear the sharp, sizzling tones of modern Mesa-Boogie Rectifiers as well as classic Marshall tones.
Achim Schreiner shows amazing skills on his main instrument but is definitely not a shredder. That fact makes these two records even more enjoyable and musical though.
Schreiner brought out the TIMESHOCK debut album in early December 2019. It’s called “Darker Than Blue” and features a whopping 26 songs on it!
And not even four weeks later he releases the follow-up named “Sonic Metal” with another 19 tracks! Incredible!
My favorites of “Darker Than Blue” are “Beloved Madness” and “Alternating Timelines”. From the second album “Sonic Metal” my favorites are “Closing In” and “Emotional Alliances” but also “Mexican Bloodlines”. The latter features some very nice quiet parts and clean guitars. There are actually a couple of soft and atmospheric songs on both albums. Sometimes the calm passages remind of his works in CRAVE FOR DAWNING.
In the context of the quiet songs his playing reminds me a bit of Andy Timmons at times.
Definitely two albums for the guitar lovers out there and for people who are into instrumental music that forges a bridge of riffs and styles from bands like TOSKA to MEGADETH to METALLICA during their MOP phase and classic metal like JUDAS PRIEST, ANVIL or KREATOR.
If you like the above-mentioned bands you should definitely give these two albums a chance and check them out. So far both albums are only available on the BANDCAMP website though. Great work by this massively talented guy again.


Timeshock – Darker Than Blue (2019)
Timeshock – Sonic Metal (2020)