TIMESHOCK “Transfixed” (2020)



Nobody really knows how Achim Schreiner from Germany manages it to maintain such a relatively low profile while at the same time putting out such a massive load of excellent work. Already the third album in less than 3 months (!) of his latest project TIMESHOCK really makes me wonder.
With creative juices seemingly running endless we have another bunch of songs on this album called “Transfixed”.
It features 11 new songs that show great consistency in both, quality and production. To exactly pinpoint the style of them is actually not an easy task. Though it could be described as a fusion of power metal spiced up with some progressive metal elements. This alone would never do justice to the music we find on this album though.
It also becomes obvious that Schreiner is not a shredder for shredding’s sake. If a song not necessarily requires an elaborate solo than there is none. As simple as that.
However, he is a true master of his instrument which becomes obvious in the massively diverse title track “Transfixed” which works with many different strokes and colors, musically spoken. It also stands out as my fave track.
Which still doesn’t answer my question from the beginning. Why is that guy so criminally underrated?


Timeshock – Transfixed (Schreiner Music Records)