ACHIM SCHREINER “Ruins Of Life” (2020)



It is almost impossible to catch up with the enormous output of ACHIM SCHREINER in recent years. Last year he released several albums with prog metal band WOODLARK, a new album with symphonic metal act BLOOD RED SOUL, another new one with funeral metal project CRAVE FOR DAWNING and three new albums of his own little side project called TIMESHOCK. Additionally a solo album and now one more. How is this even possible?
If you think with the massive amount of output the quality would suffer you are wrong. Actually the quality seems to continously improve on all these records and he wisely manages to emphasize on different aspects in each of these bands and projects.

“Ruins Of Life” is an album that is a wonderful mix of epic intrumental rock/metal music and often massively branches out into ambient territory. If you are into bands like TOSKA and RABEA MASSAAD in a mix with elements of some ANDY TIMMONS music, you will be spot on here!

The album features 20 songs and each of them is different and not only in its own style and way. But also in sound and playing. You can tell this is a musician who’s at home in various styles and who can melt them together to a cracking and exciting fusion.

My favorite songs are “Ruins Of Life”, “Same Time” and “Too Late”.

Achim plays all guitars, bass and keyboards and occasionally even provides some vocal work. Drums by Lee Steinmetz who seems to be the ideal addition for this.

The albums by Schreiner are real sleepers and hidden gems. If he’d have a broader audience I am sure he would be a lot more popular already.
Who knows maybe this album can help changing that.


Achim Schreiner – Ruins Of Life (SchreinerMusic Records)