NIGHTWISH “Human.:II: Nature.” (2020)


The new NIGHTWISH album has been long awaited by the fans. Since “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” has had such an overwhelmingly positive reception, also because of Floor’s vocal abilities, a lot of people were looking forward to a follow-up. It took quite a couple of years but finally here it is.
Entitled “Human.:II: Nature.”, one thinks why not adding a few more dots to make it look even more sophisticated or smart? But let’s forget about this for now as the irony in this may probably not be so easily visible to some.
The album is what we normally call a double album with the first disc providing the sort of songs we would naturally expect from Nightwish while the second disc surprises us with a string of no less impressive music that could easily be taken as a movie score and who knows, maybe this is where Holopainen’s future may lie after Nightwish would come to an end one day.
The songs on Disc One certainly have been cooked with the same incredients as previous albums and still they cannot create the same magic in the listener. At least in this particular one here. Some bands tend to overdo things at times and often these are band who would normally not have anything left to prove. Still at times they seem to be unable to resist this temptation. We have seen this with Epica and other bands already too. Songs are too much contrived, trying to make them even more “interesting” or sound “smart” or “intellectual” in order to connotate the same adjectives with the musicians. As a good friend of me recently said “less is more” and it is quite obvious that there is no finnish translation for that.
There are some songs that I quite enjoyed listening to as the quality of these is quite high and they have some good melodies too. But others are just too much. Too much in a lot of ways. The technical side is excellent though, no doubt about that. Perfectly played, brilliantly produced and mixed. This does not come unexpected nonetheless it is a pleasure for the ears.
In the end it is certainly not a bad album and for a lot of fans it will precisely fulfill their demands and their wet dreams alike. But I am sure it will not do for each and every fan of theirs and I am sure these voices will become louder over time.
Certainly not a “bad album” but it could have been so much better with all the potential at hand.
I am quite aware not everyone will like this review but I’m afraid I can’t do much to ease their pain.


Nightwish “Human.:II: Nature.” – Nuclear Blast 2020